• Zomix now offers three new product detail templates with awesome new mouse-over zoom effects and presentation. Compare all three effects and choose which one works best for you site and products!
  • This is one of many sample product listings that are possible with Zomix. In this sample we display categories to choose from, and then their products. When viewing the product list you then have the option to get a 'quick view' of the item or continue to a full deail view of that item. The detail screen uses a 'lens' style zoom to view parts of the large image bigger. You can also click on the image to view in a light box. Compare here: Lens Style
  • On this page we show a sampling of products under each category defined to be displayed. The user can view the detail of any of these items or see a entire list of and of the categories displayed. On the detail screen, the large image is 'zoomed' in within the frame and you are allowed to mouse your mouse around to zoom to different areas. You can also click on this image and see all the image sin a slide-show light box. Compare here: Zoom Style
  • Zomix Downloads Modules allows you to upload documents and files for your visitors to be able to download. Coupled with our security module you can also force visitors to login before they can download any documents.
  • Our full featured events module. Options include recurring events, sign-up forms, flyers and more!
  • Zomix Calendar module allows you to tie into your existing Google Calendar's quickly and easily. Your calendars can be shared with others and have the ability to have multiple contributors.
  • Image Gallery and Slider Examples.
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