Zomix V4 Cms Key Features

Photo Galleries
Product Detail
Quick Inline Product Edit
Full Product Edit
Category Editor
Category Header
Product List Editor
Image Library
Image Editor
Page List Editor
Inline Page Editor
Quick Page Properties
Full Page Editor
Photo Gallery Module

Site Administration:

  • New Administration Panel
  • Define multiple site administrator logins and their permissions
  • Draft Save of page edits
  • Quick-in-page Page editor
  • Header/Footer Scripts per page
  • Meta Description & Keywords per page/product
  • Site-Wide Page Manager, allows site overview and quick editing of any page
  • Advanced Image Manager/Browser
  • New File Manager
  • Upload multiple images/files at one time
  • In-Page/body image slide-shows
  • News/Hot Topics Pages
  • Customizable Stylesheets
  • Built in Spell Checker

All New Modules:

  • 6 Different Image Photo Galleries and Slide Shows
  • Anti-spam/bot Contact Us Form
  • Downloads Module
  • Products Module
  • Product Teaser Module
  • Product Recommendations Module
  • Shopping Cart Module
  • Realtime Shipping Calculation Module
  • On-Line Order Lookup Module
  • Site Map
  • Links Module
  • Bulk E-Mail Module
  • RSS Feeds Module


  • New Dynamic Product Search Panel
  • Auto Display Product on a page based on configured parameters
  • Per-Product options. Configurable to change product image based on option choosen
  • Unlimited images per product.
  • Three categories of images for products, icon, list and detail images.
  • Define a ‘Image Gallery’ for a product
  • In-Line switching of product images when the image is clicked on or at a set interval (slideshow)
  • Sort Code and Special Keywords per product
  • Quantity available per product with customizable availability text
  • Product Sale Price with auto-expiration date
  • Option to use a uploaded database to determine the options available for a product
  • Unique Product descriptions for icon, list and detail views
  • Product shipping weight and dimensions, trucking option and threshold
  • Custom Meta Tags per Product
  • Define images for any category defined in products database
  • Detailed Product list Editor
  • Full customizable product import module to import products from your own database
  • Product Recommendations Module
  • Product ‘Sold-with’ options
  • Product Teasers

Shopping Cart:

  • Customizable shopping cart check-out fields
  • Customizable optional ‘pop-up’ alerts at any stage of check-out
  • Customizable Disclaimer/User Agreement at check-out
  • Uploadable shipping costs tables or intershipper auto shipping calculation modules
  • Customizable Shopping Cart settings, payment methods
  • Customizable Shopping Cart Customer Invoice templates
  • On-Line Order Lookup module, with customizable report fields
  • Per-Order Status indicator with unlimited definable steps. Each step can be defined with a templated action
  • Print multiple orders at one time
  • Records when order was printed
    Payment API Services: Authorize.net, Payflow Pro, Paypal, Trans First, as well as Custom API's.


Here at Racine-Web Design are constantly developing new modules for Zomix, therefore there may be new modules available not shown in this list. Modules add-ons to your Zomix site. They can be added at anytime to your existing site.

Zomix Version 4 Standard and Optional Modules:

  • Page Teasers
  • Products, Product Categories
  • Product Teasers
  • Product Index
  • Shopping Cart
  • Shipping Cost Calculator
  • Coupons
  • Direct Credit Card Processing (via payFlow Pro, paypal, LinkPoint, Authorize.net)
  • Photo Galleries (4 different styles)
  • Links Module
  • Custom Databases
  • RSS Newsfeeds
  • Bulk Mail
  • Blog Module
  • Custom Forms and Contact Us (with capcha options)
  • File Downloads Module
  • Events Calendar (Google Calendars)
  • Users Module
  • Articles Module (beta)
  • Custom Modules available on request
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